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Yoga Class

Practice yoga in a fully equipped studio. A World wide certified experienced teacher

  • 1 ساع
  • ١٩ دينار كويتي
  • Mishref, Kuwait

وصف الخدمة

You can select to practice different types of Yoga. We offer "Vinyasa flow" A dynamic type of yoga where poses are connected i a form of a flow continuously moving in and out of the poses to keep the heat and breath flowing. A great way to challenge your self. "Yin/Yang" A combination of heated dynamic vinyasa flow practice combined with a meditative Yin yoga poses that are floor based and held for 1 to 3 minutes to get deeper into the connective tissues of the muscles accessing deeper layers. "Hatha yoga" A slow paced practice where poses are practiced in a way to focus on mainly on stretching and suitable for people who are new to yoga as it allows them the chance to explore each pose deeply. "Ashtanga Yoga" is a vinyasa based vigorous type of practice that emphasizes on dynamic heated practice and holding the poses for a number of breaths. poses are always mostly the same and practiced in the same order. Unlike vinyasa flow in which the class changes each time and not necessarily holding each pose for long time, each class is different and has its own theme and rhythm.

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