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Yoga Teacher

Leena is an  Engineer, a project manager and an experienced yoga teacher.

Her journey through yoga started when she reached out to yoga classes as a way to balance her busy mind, and compliment her fitness workout routine.

Her passion of then led her to Bali where she gained her first 200 hours certification, while suffering from spinal sports related injury.

The experience made her realize the healing effects of practicing yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

She came out of the training with a new perspective of her body and mind.

What she learned from this experience was something more profound than just hours of yoga, philosophy and anatomy, she learned how to listen to her body, how to be patient during the healing process and how to never give up.

Leena is an active person who works out regularly.

She has deep interest in anatomy, and she is passionate about encouraging her clients to listen to their individual needs during her sessions.

In her teaching she provides a comfortable none intimidating or judgmental and cheerful environment.

Leena likes to encourage her clients to dive deeper into more challenging heated practice, while remaining honorable to their bodies needs and abilities.

Always leaving the yoga session feeling completely fresh and relaxed while forgetting how challenging their bodies have worked.


Leena loves to pass on her knowledge and inspire people to never give up on themselves despite how challenging the practice may be at times.  Learning to overcome injuries she loves to hold a safe space for people to connect to their bodies. She believes that safety comes first.

Her studies include; 200 hours RYT in Bali focusing on Vinyasa flow and Yin Yoga.

Since then she’s been actively teaching Yoga at local gyms and yoga studios including her own private boutique style studio.

She became an experienced yoga instructor with over (2000) hours of teaching experience, and a certified (ERYT-200) teacher.

Her studies include:

Yoga Therapeutics intensive teacher training in Prana vinyasa teacher training with Shiva Rae & her affiliated yoga teachers.

She studied different meditation techniques and energy healing methods.

Leena continues her education yearly by attending workshops, conferences, festivals and retreats all around the world.

She believes that you can always learn something new. Leena is also interested in the business of yoga, and has attended conferences in the subject.

She also likes to share her knowledge with her community by running workshops. And have successfully led different types of workshops.

Leena decided to combine her passions of traveling and Yoga by leading Yoga retreats. She firmly believes that transformation and healing happens from within and is excited to share her experience to help people who are on their own soul journey to heal their lives and ignite their passion for living a healthy, joyful life.

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